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Why do you need a lawyer?

Legal situations can be quite complex. More than likely there will be several times in your life when you will ask yourself if you need a lawyer. Minor traffic issues you can usually go it alone but be careful when it comes to major legal issues. It may be easy to sort the facts in your head for a particular case, or you can easily write down your points and feel pretty darn confident that you can do it yourself. Surely you have watched plenty of court shows on TV and know exactly what to expect. Wait, not so fast. You may have all of your ducks in a row as far as evidence and paperwork goes, but procedures are going to be the hard part. You may know what to say, but knowing when to say it and how to proceed can be downright tricky. Let’s weed things out a bit and examine a list of reasons why it might be in your best interest to fork out some retainer dollars.

• Legal issues are complicated – As stated above, knowing the procedure is required knowledge in a courtroom. Take this fact to heart… most experienced lawyers will hire another lawyer for their own legal issues. Emotions may run too high in your own defense and could cloud your thinking.
• Not having council could end up costing you more money or give you jail time – If time behind bars is a possibility or major fines and penalties are involved, hire an experienced lawyer for sure.
• You probably don’t know how to challenge or suppress evidence – A key piece of evidence against you might have been obtained improperly. Did a crime lab handle evidence correctly through the entire chain of custody? Important issues that require experience.
• Attorneys sometimes use expert witnesses and private detectives – Most lawyers are connected with experts in many fields that can testify if needed on your behalf.
• You would probably not know how to plead – Even if there is unquestionable evidence against you, pleading guilty is not always your only choice, but you need someone who knows the options.
• The other party probably has council – You would be under extreme disadvantages if this ends up happening. A judge might not even let you proceed in this situation knowing that the deck is stacked against you. You could end up looking lost, like a deer in headlights.